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Our Services

Retirement & Income Plannning

In retirement, you shift from earning money every month to using your accumulated money to live on. We help by analyzing your present and future expenses and creating a complete retirement income plan that includes tax mitigation.

Tax-Advantaged Retirement Planning

Many people don’t realize how important taxation becomes in retirement. Starting at age 70-1/2, you are legally required to start withdrawing money from 401(k)s and traditional IRA accounts, with 50% penalties for doing it incorrectly. We’ll help you plan ahead.

Investment Strategies & Managed Money

We help you analyze your current investments, create an asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, and manage your investments based on your individual goals and situation. Our goal will also be to preserve principal, maximize income and accumulate capital.

IRA & 401(k) Rollovers

If you’ve left an employer, let’s take a look at your retirement accounts and see if they are working to your greatest advantage in terms of returns, fees, tax mitigation and meeting your retirement plan goals. As a fiduciary, we will help you examine your options.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We will review all of your estate documents (and help you find an estate attorney if you need one). A thorough review of your will, trusts and other legal documents will include a beneficiary review to ensure that your final wishes are documented and in place.

Long-Term Care & Medicare Supplements

Many people still think that Medicare covers long-term nursing care, but it does not. It is important to have the right insurance in place to mitigate the risks to your family that come with health issues and longevity. We can help you with new strategies.